Culture Club: Make Your Own Yogurt


Are you part of the Culture Club? Then you don’t “really want to hurt me” and the environment, right? Great, then start by skipping hard-to-recycle yogurt containers and make your own at home. It’s easy and doesn’t require any fancy gadgets or appliances. Yogurt has live active cultures (aka good bacteria) that multiply and ferment in warm milk so all you need is a scoop of leftover yogurt and some milk. Talk about good Karma.

DIY Yogurt

  • 1 Tb yogurt

  • 3 cups milk (your choice)

To make 3 cups of plain yogurt, first bring 3 cups of milk (whole, reduced fat, or fat-free) to a rolling boil either in your microwave or stove-top.

Pour it in a container you want the yogurt to set in, such as a plastic tub from the last time you bought yogurt. Let the milk cool to lukewarm until you can dip your finger in it (about 105 to 110°F).

Stir in 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt that you saved from your last batch, cover the container, and place in a warm place such as a sunny window or an un-warmed oven.

Let sit undisturbed until the yogurt sets, about 6 hours. After it has set, place it in the fridge to chill, and then enjoy!

Stir in fruit, make popsicles, or make a lassi from Shubhra’s upcoming Indian cookbook.

Don’t forget to save the last tablespoon of the yogurt to make your next batch.

Greenista Cocktail Factoid: Most yogurt cups and other polypropylene #5 plastics, unless they’re reused, end up in the landfill since so few municipalities accept them. If you have a Whole Foods you can drop them off with the Gimme 5 campaign or resuse them to make more yogurt.

Written by Greenista Girl Shubhra

Photo by flickr Average Jane and  The Dish, SFU’s Nutrition Blog

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3 Responses to “Culture Club: Make Your Own Yogurt”

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  3. carolyn hall says:

    great idea! my dad and i were making our own yogurt at home long before it ever hit the stores! it was delicious! now i’m raising chickens…9 girls and i get over a dozen of the most beautiful and delicious eggs every day! besides, they make great pets! they follow me around during the day, but i make sure they’re locked up at night. predators know no bounds! they have a good “roof” over their heads! c.h.

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