Ayush Herbs, an excellent vitamins brand

Ayush Herbs vitamins

I personally take these vitamins daily, and like the quality of them.  I additionally take a Vitamin D by Solgar, because most of us do not get enough D.  Check out Ayush.com - a great website that can show you their entire line of products.   This vitamins and herbs line was created by Dr. Sodhi, who I have met in the Ayurvedic circles and who was a mentor for a close family member.  My family member went and stayed with Dr. Sodhi, did a full detox, and saw great benefits from the program.

I have visited detox/health centers in India, like Jindal NatureCare Center in Bangalore, India and Dr. Tambe in Lonavala, India, as well as the heavenly blissful ultimate spa in the world - Ananda Spa in Hrishikesh, India.

My parents turned us into spa, health, detox-loving sisters and we are fortunate enough to have tried out so many great places - each one leaving nuggets of new healthy habits in us.

Check out Ayush Herbs, they are the vitamin line I trust for myself and my family.

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