Eco-chic: Mister Ecologie and One Development & Consulting’s Electree

The Electree, a solar bonsai equipped with 27 solar panels, was conceived by French Metz-based designer Vivien Muller to recharge electronic devices.

In an interview with ulule, Muller said, “Nature has selected over millions of years the most efficient structures to capture solar energy. The tree’s shape is thus the best mean to take advantage of the solar energy.”

Muller’s design, inspired by trees’ photosynthesis, is eco-chic, and integrates sustainable living with functionality and a high-end aesthetic. Truly taking efficiency into account, the Electree uses high-quality amorphous silicon in their solar panels, which optimizes solar cell efficiency.

For those creative eco-landscapers, each of the Electree’s solar panel modules can also rotate freely, giving you ultimate control over your solar bonsai’s shape. For those on the go, the Electree can be charged in less than 36 hours of sunshine, near a window indoors to maximize solar energy intake throughout the course of the day, and be used to charge mobile electronic devices via USB connection.

The Electree’s presale will fund the product’s long-term launch, with the hopes of selling 400 Electrees by October 15th (buyers will receive their trees before Christmas).


Solar Panels: 27 Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels; 96 mm x 96 mm ea.

Height: 40 cm

Battery Capacity: 13,500 mAh (an iPhone battery capacity is 1,500 mAh)

Outputs: USB connection + AC plug

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