Even purchasing the tiniest bit of fur trim supports the cruel fur industry.

Fur Real? Fur Banned from Catwalk

Fashion and fur have been linked since the beginning of time. But whereas our cave sisters wore it to keep warm, fashionistas these days wear it for style. Despite the many protesters and PETA supporters, there still has not been a ban on it … until now.

Sure you’ve seen the protesters at NYC fashion week with their heart-breaking signs but it was the protesters in Seoul, South Korea that eventually got the word across. The subject of their rant, Fendi. The Italian fashion house, known for their fur craftmanship, just found out that Seoul is forcing the fashion house to leave the fur to the animals and off the catwalk.

Fendi released a statement saying the designer had difficulty understanding the decision as they had spent months preparing it. They also added they will still negotiate to keep their real fur in. City official Seo Jeong-hyup said Monday that Seoul subsequently demanded it because of negative public sentiments.

Us Greenista Girls have to say that we are happy that animals are getting a voice … even if it’s just starting in South Korea.

Would you ever where fur?

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B. Only vintage

C. Not sure

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More than 50 million animals are violently killed for use in fashion every year.