Melt some dark chocolate over your favorite fruit to get a dose of dessert with hidden vitamins.

Coo-Coo for Cocoa: International Chocolate Week

Almost like a second birthday, International Chocolate Day is upon us. And the Greensita Girls are dubbing it Chocolate Week … forget just one day. This doesn’t mean to take a trip to the chocolate factory and over indulge yourself like I love Lucy, but use this week to incorporate your favorite organic, fair-trade chocolate into your day. Greenista Girl Aysha loves dark chocolate for its high antioxidant content and the fact that it’s not overly sweet. Who knew some chocolate could actually be good for you? Take a stroll to your local market and grab some organic, fair-trade dark chocolate from our favorite brands like Green & Black’s, Windmill Organics, Fine & Raw,  Equal Exchange, and Theo. Toss it into your morning breakfast yogurt or cereal, eat it plain, or surprise a loved one with a yummy dark chocolate dessert. Take advantage of this week, it’s not every day you get an excuse to indulge.

Written by Greenista Girl Shubhra

Photo by Theo

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Researchers say eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure and may contribute to improved cardiovascular health.

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