Healthy Nail Polish

A healthier way to do your nails …

At a cool boutique in Houston called Kuhl-Linscomb in Houston that our friend Bridget introduced us to, Neha and I found WONDERFUL natural skin care products, hair care products, gifts for kids, and a plethora of other items.  It’s like every boutique you every wanted to visit, all under one roof.

There I found a great brand called Deborah Lipman - beautiful packaging, beautiful branding, beautiful, natural product - wow you’ve got me!  The products contain no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP, no animal testing.  Tons of celebrities love the product, and have created fun custom colors with the line.

I try to use natural, healthy, toxin free body products as much as possible in my daily life, when I’m pregnant I’m hyper conscious-about these things, so try it out, it’s an easy way to switch one of your personal care items to a more toxin-free alternative.  That is, unless you’re willing to go au naturel …

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