Pram Baby Shower

Here are some photos from a Pram and Pink Baby Shower we held in Florida:

baby shower, pink and prams

baby shower pink and pram theme

pink and pram theme baby shower

baby shower, pink and prams

baby shower, pink and prams

baby shower, pink and pram

Baby Shower centerpiece, pink flowers, candles, pram theme

baby shower, roses and hydrangea, pram theme

Details About the Party:

For this baby shower, we selected the theme, Pink & Pram baby shower.  The printables for the cupcakes, and for the candle favors were from Etsy.  The candles were from Bed Bath & Beyond and were $2 on sale at the time, I love the painted glass look on candles nowadays.

Simple tricks for this type of party:

- Pick a location with GREAT lighting.  This is Lemongrass Restaurant in Boca Raton, selected for the lighting in that private room.

- Look at what candles are on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond, or any similar store.  Customize using a printable from easy - and printing it on full sheet sticker paper (from office supply store), or use ribbon matching party theme.

- Wrap ribbon around vases to create more custom, unique look for centerpieces

- Buy scrapbook paper to put under centerpieces, pulling in theme of party, and later using in a scrapbook of the actual party

- Buy small gift bags, line them up diagonally as a cool backdrop to a party, later add them to your collection of gift bags that you use personally

- Balloons add height to any party, and are a great toy for the kids at home for a week or so afterwards

- Picture frames on food tables customize the party to your Mom-To-Be while giving her a nice keepsake afterwards

- Best cupcakes ever: Cupcake Couture in Delray Beach, FL and they rent these GORGEOUS cupcake stands that I have been looking for and trying to buy for years now - (if you can find them for me, leave a note in the comments here.)

- Baby Shower sign, confetti, small baskets, paints to paint on onesies or bibs as a game - the way I make my parties GREEN is I save all these items, and re-use them party to party, I have so many relatives and friends, and it’s fun to mix and match these elements, just keep them packed in boxes by color and you’re ready to go!

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