Kourtney Kardashian is a fan and even designed a couture line.

It’s a Stick Up: The Belly Bandit

Wanna get robbed of that post-pregnancy swollen tummy? Turn to the the Belly Bandit. The name says it all, the Belly Bandit is a 9-inch seamless elastic belly band that aids in losing inches off your post-baby belly, minimizes stretch marks, speeds up the healing process for C-sections, improves posture, and provides that much needed support for breastfeeding. It also increases blood circulation around the abdomen, facilitates reverse tissue expansion, and diminishes uterine swelling without restricting breathing or muscle re-development … phew! Best of all, the new version is made from bamboo which is one of the most natural and renewable fibers around and is three times more durable than cotton … not to mention softer. The Belly Bandit provides all of the support and comfort your belly needs all while speeding up the healing process for a tight tummy in no time flat!

Greenista Giveaway: Get free ground shipping on your Belly Bandit order! Enter GRREV810 at check out. The offer only lasts 48 so buy now!

Written by Greenista Girl Shivani

Photos by Belly Bandit

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Bamboo fabric is 100% biodegradable, is naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and hypoallergenic, and naturally pulls moistures away from the skin.

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