Greenista Girl Shubhra recently started her daughter on Earth’s Best rice cereal and fruits and veggies, and her daughter loves the peas!

Yummy In The Tummy: Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food

Peas, potatoes, and pears … oh my! Don’t have time to make baby food at home? Don’t feel bad. Earth’s Best has got your back.  They make delicious organic food for your little one — starting when they can first eat solids at 4 months to when they are in school. All of their food is organic, which means there are no harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. And the baby food is sold in glass jars, which are super easy to recycle or reuse. Greenista Girl Shubhra loves the big variety of baby and kid food that Earth’s Best makes, from simple pureed sweet potatoes to snacks like organic whole grain bars. Mmmm!

Written by Greenista Girl Shubhra

Photo by Earth’s Best

Recycle this!
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The FDA recommends kids 2-6 years old should have 6 servings per day from the grain group, and 3 of those servings be whole grain.

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