With indoor pollution on the rise, the Ionic Bulb meets two unique sets of demand with one innovative product – it cleans air and saves energy.

See The Light: The Ionic Bulb

Do you do it with the lights on or off? Either way, rest assured that the Ionic Bulb ($19.99/2) is one of the greenest around. It’s an energy-saving bulb that silently emits negative ions that helps clear the air of smoke, dust, pet dander, and odors. Imagine using 75% less energy to light your home or office – the Ionic Bulb uses just a quarter of the wattage of standard bulbs to produce the same amount of light. That alone could save you hundreds on your electric bill. Plus, the Ionic Bulb lasts 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs (up to seven years) saving you the cost and hassle of frequently replacing bulbs. Now you can be naughty just between the sheets, not with the environment.
Written by Greenista Girl Shivani
Photo by Ionic Bulb

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The average American household spends an estimated $1,400 each year on energy bills.

5 Responses to “See The Light: The Ionic Bulb”

  1. George says:

    Awesome. This sounds like a great idea. A bulb that cleans the air while it saves energy AND lasts for 7 years.

  2. Balu Rogu says:

    Any and all CFL bulbs have the same energy savings and longevity, not just the “Ionic Bulb”. Also, if the light is not turned on, there are NO ions emitted. You will have to do it with the lights on to clear the air of the resulting smoke, odors and etc… lol

  3. George says:

    Other CFL lightbulbs don’t last as long. See the label. Most last 5,000 hours some 7,000 hours. Some last 10,000 hours like the IONIC BULB. Your point is? You have to have the lightbulb on at night…which is when most people are home. While you have the lightbulb on…it is cleaning the air in the room. Simple.

  4. Lysol Brown says:

    Hi Shivani, If you think the Ionic Bulb is cool, you should check out… http://www.purelyproducts.com/ They have a full line of energy saving negative ion emitting bulbs and other small portable devices. Purely would be a great topic for a Greenista article too. xoxoxoxox, Lysol

  5. Jeannetta Borrayo says:

    I loved what youve carried out here. The style is elegant, your material classy. But, youve obtained an edginess to what youre offering below. Ill surely appear again for far more in case you preserve this up. Dont eliminate hope if not too a lot of folks see your vision, know youve acquired a fan suitable the following who values what youve received to say and the way youve presented your self. Very good on you!

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