Solar lanterns save money and energy because they are literally free! The battery included in solar lighting is completely recharged by sunlight.

Let There Be Light: Solar Lanterns

Wanna natural way to light up the night? Here’s a great way to capture your own little ray of sunshine. Soji Modern Solar Lanterns are a chic addition to any outdoor décor. These solar-powered lanterns ($39) come in three beautiful patterns with or without a subtle floral print. Soji lanterns have a mod wave-like finish and create light without unsightly electrical wires and they can be hung anywhere (hello, outdoor party) with a simple hook. When lit, these lanterns give the effect of a glowing chandelier – it’s a great way to increase subtle atmosphere without increasing your electric bill and emitted CO2 emissions. Bonus: Soji lanterns come fully assembled right out of the box – that’s a bright idea.

Written by Greenista Girl Brianne
Photo by Soji Modern

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Tree limbs and shade can hinder your lanterns performance. Be sure to keep your lights in a place where they can soak up the most sunlight to keep the battery going at night.

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