Mommy Dearest: Celebrity Parents Go Green

Does the thought of your baby being born with 200 chemicals in their tiny bodies make you want to go ballistic? Skip the tantrums and go eco like these celeb parents who are raising little organic babies. A number of stars enlisted Lisa and Ron Beres from Green Nest to eco-fy their nurseries. Celebrities including Trista and Ryan Sutter, Chelsea Handler, Sally Jessy Raphael, and Kelly Rutherford have all used their services.  Another very green celebrity is Soleil Moon Frye … aka Punky Brewster.  She even has an organic baby store called The Little Seed in Beverly Hills. Even Greenista Girl Shivani is enjoying a completely organic pregnancy (well almost, no one’s perfect). And let’s not forget Halle Berry. It’s reported that she spent a ton of dough greenifying her new baby’s three nurseries.  A source reported that she ordered everything from sheets to the stuffed animals and everything in between to be made with organic cotton … and no wire hangers.

Written by Greenista Girl Shivani

Photos by BET

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Greenista Cocktail Factoid: Considered one of the most chemically dependent crops in the world, conventional cotton uses 10 percent of all agricultural chemicals and 25 percent of the world’s insecticides. In the U.S., one-third of a pound of chemicals are needed just to grow enough conventional cotton for a regular T-shirt.

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