What a Crock: Kitchen Composter

Think turning your food scraps into fertilizer is all BS? Think again! All you need is a composter. Simply collect your compostable waste like coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit peels, and tea bags in a compost bin or crock, stir and water a few times a week. The waste will breakdown into nutrient-packed fertilizer in about a month’s time. We found this way-too-cute ceramic Kitchen Compost Crock ($42) that will look great on your countertop or terrace. Don’t worry; there is a charcoal odor filter so you can conveniently and stylishly collect scraps without yucky smells until you take it to your composting heap. There are even bio-degradable trash bags to line the bin that break down in about a month. If you are new to composting, you can get more details on how to turn that perfect pile of waste into wonders. For real.

Greenista Cocktail Factoid: Disposing of food waste in a landfill contributes to global warming. Every metric dry ton of food that goes to a landfill may generate .25 metric tons of methane in the first 120 days. Thus, composting this food waste would reduce emissions by the equivalent of up to 6 metric tons of CO2.

Written by Greenista Girl Shubhra

Photo by Giam and Frog&Princess

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2 Responses to “What a Crock: Kitchen Composter”

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  2. Mark Demartino says:

    I use a Plastic Rain Barrel to collect rain and re-use it in my bird feeders and garden. http://bit.ly/aii8TF