Holistic Week — Juiced Up: Homemade Veggie Drinks

Looking to pump up your veggie intake? Get extra power this morning with a fresh glass of juice. No, not the ones with high-fructose corn syrup and 1% juice.  Real homemade, nothing-but-the-juice, juice. Eating, or drinking, raw veggies is super good for you because veggies lose nutrients once they are cooked. Now, if you do not own a juicer, feel free to look up your local deli, or juice shop to create your own concoctions. But here is a recipe for one of our favorite things to drink in the Greenista office.

Lettuce Cuke Juice

  • 10 pieces of romaine lettuce

  • 1 chopped cucumber

  • Ice

Chop up these items and throw them into your juicer.  Pour into a glass or make it fun with a martini glass and sip slowly. This is our version of a light-green juice that won’t make you gag.

You can even turn it into an evening affair by adding organic vodka for a nice little kick.

Greenista Cocktail Factoid: Cooked foods are often much harder to digest and can contain toxic substances such as acrylamides. Plus, many have claimed a raw food diet has helped cure diseases including depression, arthritis, and even cancer.

Written by Greenista Girl Neha

Photos by Element Fresh and Essentially Healthy Food

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One Response to “Holistic Week — Juiced Up: Homemade Veggie Drinks”

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